My wordpress blog was hacked into & neither my website host or another person who I’ve used with blog help & website design stepped in to help. I got Theresa’s name from a friend who was pleased with her work & within 10 minutes she restored a backup of my blog & all was fixed. Just like that! Fantastic customer service…I highly recommend her services & will use her again. Thank you Theresa:)

I performed a wordpress update on my blog that messed up the RSS feed. I spoke with the template designer and my hosting company and neither could solve the issue. So I emailed Theresa and she had it fixed in no time. It’s a relief to know she’s only an email away!

Thanks so much Theresa!

Super fast and professional….I loved working with Theresa. She fixed many ongoing problems I have been working around for ages and wordpress is SO much better than anything I have seen. I am 100% thrilled and will definitely use her again & refer her to everyone.

Theresa was a joy to work with!!! Eric & I are very very very picky on the way we want things to look and she was so patient with us from start to finish! She made our visions come to life in the blog world. We know nothing about coding and we’re so thankful that Theresa lead us in the right direction. Thanks again girl!

Theresa is Fabulous!
I had a design in mind for my new BLOGSITE and LOTS of requests. To my delight she was able to do everything I asked! EVERYTHING! She is a code guru genious! Her customer service is top notch…she replied to every email i sent and there were soooo many! The entire process took a week! so again crazy fabulous customer service! The other plus with Theresa was her fee….probably too low for what she does! I have a BLOGSITE that looks like it could have broke the bank!
I recommend her and will be bugging her again in the future I am sure!!

I am so pleased with the service I received from Theresa. I had ideas for a blogsite and she managed to put everything into place so perfectly and much, much more that I hadn’t thought about. She works so fast and efficiently, helping me every step of the way. I felt like she was in the next room, not on the other side of the world in a different time zone! Theresa thank-you so much, I love my new site and I will be recommending you to every photographer I meet. x

Theresa is my absolute go to for my blog ‘stuff’. I truelly couldnt be without her. Not only did she build my blog from scratch, she has re-added it when it all went missing, changed elements within at request and always, always with a welcoming smile.

Her skill and customer service are immaculate!

Thank you Theresa, a million times over!


Theresa is wonderful to work with! I highly recommend her! She knows what she is doing when it comes to WordPress. I asked for a custom item, and she was prompt, thorough, and gave me exactly what I wanted!

Theresa has worked with me for a year now, I believe, on my photography blog. She also created a client blog for me (I just need to input all the information!).

Theresa is not only a personal online friend, but she is SO PROFESSIONAL. I love that even though we talk online, she treated me 100% as one of her customers. I love that. I don’t want anything else.
She has upgraded and fixed so many things on my blog – many of which was most likely my fault or something I ‘Messed with”. She also helped figure out major issues that had nothing to do with us at all but my server. She is fantastic. I will always hire her for blog technical help. I will always hire her for future websites/blogs or services she offers. I will never go anywhere else, and I truly mean that!

Thank you Theresa for your knowledge, professionalism, kindness with customer service, and also for your devotion to your clients in that you continue to learn and grow with your knowledge of the html, blog business!!!

After looking around for a blogsite for months, I decided to use Theresa. I couldn’t be happier with my choice. My site is much more than I had envisioned and Theresa was great to work with and quick to respond to emails. Thanks so much Theresa!

Theresa was fab-dab to work with! She was right on the changes I needed and the creating of the blog from start to finish. I know with her unique design of my blog my photography business will grow. She always reply’s when I email her with a problem. I recommend her 100% to anyone who needs any type of design done for a blog or otherwise! Thanks Theresa!

Blogsforphotogs.com is awesome. She was able to answer all of my questions and provide the assistance that I needed. The blogs and websites that she builds are amazing. Thank-you so much!

I completely LOVE (love, love) the darling blogsite that Theresa created for me. She brought what I saw in my mind to the screen and was so helpful during the design process as my knowledge of html and all such things is very limited. Thank you again Theresa!

We’ve only been working with Theresa for a few days, but she has been beyond amazing!!!! We are so glad to have found her.

I can’t recommend her enough and highly recommend other people find ways to utilize her services!

Theresa, thank you, thank you, thank you.

I know I was your worst client ever…and in hindsight, I jumped the gun in ordering the site before I knew what I actually wanted. But, thank you so much for being patient with me…and also for your quick response in absolutely every question, change, etc.

I will highly recommend you to all of my friends as they begin re-designing their sites!!


What can I say, Theresa is good stuff! I was so fortunate to have found her name at the bottom of another photographer’s blog. She knows her stuff and being a graphic designer, she was able to take my design and ideas on how I wanted my blog to function and look and she delivered everything I wanted and then some. I couldn’t be happier with the end product. She is professional, thorough, responds back quickly and just all around “gets it!” She comes highly recommended in my book, no matter where you live. Thank you, Theresa!

Theresa was amazing to work with! I could not be happier with my new blog! I love it! Thank you Theresa for a wonderful new look!

I found out in June I had a month’s notice to get a new website up and running, as my previous host was closing up shop. Fortunately, I found Theresa from Blogs for Photogs and she said she could transfer everything over for me and get a new site set up…and she did! I am so glad I found her! There was no way I would be able to handle a big job like that (on top of all of my other regular work – and life) She did a great job and has been extremely helpful and patient with me. Thanks again –

I can’t say enough good things about what it’s like to work with Theresa. Hugely knowledgeable. Quick. Professional. Cheerful. Crazy good customer service. Beautiful product. I’m really looking forward to working with her again on my next website. To quote many of my emails to her: “Dear Theresa: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!”

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