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Danielle Mousley

What can I say, Theresa is good stuff! I was so fortunate to have found her name at the bottom of another photographer’s blog. She knows her stuff and being a graphic designer, she was able to take my design and ideas on how I wanted my blog to function and look and she delivered everything I wanted and then some. I couldn’t be happier with the end product. She is professional, thorough, responds back quickly and just all around “gets it!” She comes highly recommended in my book, no matter where you live. Thank you, Theresa!”

Paula O'hara

I am so pleased with the service I received from Theresa. I had ideas for a blogsite and she managed to put everything into place so perfectly and much, much more that I hadn’t thought about. She works so fast and efficiently, helping me every step of the way. I felt like she was in the next room, not on the other side of the world in a different time zone! Theresa thank-you so much, I love my new site and I will be recommending you to every photographer I meet.”

Rebecca Cooper

I completely LOVE (love, love) the darling blogsite that Theresa created for me. She brought what I saw in my mind to the screen and was so helpful during the design process as my knowledge of html and all such things is very limited. Thank you again Theresa!”