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If you’re interested in having a WordPress blog installed and customized on your OWN server, you’ve come to the right place!

Why host your own blog you ask? Well the SEO advantage alone is well worth it. If you already have a blog on, Typepad, Blogger, etc… the benefits of all that CONTENT is doing nothing to drive potential clients to your site. If you already have your own web server, hosting a blog extension costs you nothing, but hosting with Typepad is not free, so why not hire someone ONCE to install a blog on your own server and save that monthly fee?

Why hire me if you can install it yourself? If you feel confident enough to install it yourself, by all means go ahead! WordPress is definitely something that can be installed on your own, but for many people, the task can be daunting and challenging. That is why I offer my services. And for those who’ve installed it on their own but don’t know how to go about customizing their blog, I’m here for them as well.

Will you lose your old blog entries? WordPress has the ability to import content from most content management systems, so don’t worry about losing your old entries from Typepad or Blogger. Keep in mind though that unless your embedded images are transferred to your server, you may lose them if you cancel your Typepad or Blogger memberships.

What kind of customizations are possible with WordPress? You name it, chances are someone has created a plugin or theme for it. I’ve compiled a short list of customizations that are popular with photographer blogs. If there’s a specific task or look you are going for, let me know and I’ll see if it can be done!

Do I customize other CMS (content management systems) like Typepad or Blogger? No, I don’t.

Do I customize blogs? Due to the limitation of FREE blog accounts, I can not. If you upgraded your account and are able to access the source files, I may be willing to help.

Pricing Information

(updated 5-19-11)

$125 for existing clients
$150 for new clients
Includes WordPress version upgrade, any required plugin upgrades, and 5 changes and/or plugins
PLUS 1 month support after completion

$400 w/installation
$360 w/out installation
NEW! Theme Re-build for existing blog package clients $260
Includes: 3 months worth of unlimited customizations and plugins and 1 month of support after completion.

$75 each
Need a section of your blogsite to have a different design? Want to add a private “client-only” with a different header and menu items? Sign up to have a page template designed and added onto your existing blogsite.

$500 w/installation
$460 w/out installation
Includes: 3 months worth of unlimited customizations, 1 month support after completion, and gallery and information pages. Includes custom page template designs for gallery and information pages.
*Does not include the purchase of any required 3rd-party software to create galleries and forms.

$150 for 4 months
Available to existing clients who previously signed up for a Complete Blog or Blogsite Package, this maintenance package gives you peace of mind that your blog is working smoothly. Need a customization? No problem. For a 4 month service period, customizations are included as long as you stick with the same theme and layout. Have a problem with a plugin not working? Also included, as well as any WordPress version upgrades. Exclusions: blogsite upgrades (i.e. custom gallery pages info template pages).

$600 for a limited time
For a demo of the horizontal theme, view the Blogs for Photogs Horizontal Theme
Limitations and exclusions.

$35 each
Only need one thing changed on your existing blog? Purchase it a-la-carte.

The process for creating a blog can be quite fun…and simple! The following outline will show you what the process is from start to finish.

Step 1: First you will need to fill out the Sign-up form so that we can get some vital information from you, such as what type of service you are requesting and information about your server so that we can install the WordPress system for you. You can choose what services you would like to sign up for, whether it’s just a WordPress installation or a complete blog package. Payments via Paypal can be made once the form is submitted.

Step 2: If you signed up for a blog package, please fill out the Design Questionnaire. It will give Theresa more detailed information about the design you want for your blog, including any necessary plugins or customizations you desire. In addition to the design questionnaire, you can also request a Chat Session with Theresa to discuss your design and blogging needs.

Step 3: Theresa will look over your design questionnaire and will contact you for more information if necessary to start the work. If you requested a custom quote, she will send you an invoice for the work you requested. If you have not heard from her after 3 days, please e-mail her at for a status check.


Please read thoroughly, as you will be required to agree to these services in the initial Sign-Up form.

  • Any invoice for blog services must be paid in full before the work can begin.
  • If, during the design consultation process (Step 3), you decide not to continue further with our services, you may opt out of your request, as long as you have made the initial blog installation payment if required.
  • Once the invoice is paid, the sale is final and can not be refunded.
  • Once design is complete, you agree to retain the footer link to Blogs for Photogs as blog designer and customizer.

Customization include, but in no means are limited to:

  1. Theme (template) installation and integration
  2. Custom colors (css coding)
  3. Anti-comment spam plugin
  4. Google sitemaps: (helps with SEO, blog sitemap is updated automatically!
  5. All-in-one-SEO: (automatically adds meta tags and keywords to every page, add keywords to each post!)
  6. Static banner integration
  7. Sliding side tabs (great for Facebook box and Twitter feeds)
  8. Social buttons (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  9. Facebook Comments integration
  10. Welcome/Bio section (appears on the front page only)
  11. subscription form – (e-mail readers automatically when your blog is updated)
  12. right-click disable (we all know what that’s for)
  13. Import posts from Typepad, Blogger, etc…a great deal more work goes into making sure images get transferred to your server so that hotlinked images don’t disappear)
  14. Flash slideshow header
  15. inline comments – (comments “slide down” when a link on the index page is clicked on)
  16. contact form
  17. scrolling comment box
  18. custom background wallpaper design
  19. custom graphics
  20. custom scripting
  21. custom flash font for titles
  22. Custom Options panel(available with Complete Blog and Blogsite packages only)
  23. collapsible elements

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