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Last Updated on Thursday, 19 May 2011 06:13 Written by Theresa Thursday, 19 May 2011 02:36

Could that be right? In today’s economy, there’s actually someone lowering their prices? That’s right kids, it’s true…to an extent. The prices I’ve decided to lower are outlined below, including some new developments you might be interested in reading. First though, I’d like to apologize to anyone trying to contact me through my contact page and finding there was no form to do so. I had disabled the plugin and forgot to change it on that page. All fixed now!

Lower Prices on Tune-Up Package!
With WordPress upgrades getting easier and easier to maintain, I’ve decided to lower the price on the Tune-Up package by $25. Tune-ups for existing clients is now $125 and $150 for new clients. You’ll still get 5 customizations and WordPress and active plugins upgraded.

New Maintenance Package! $150 for 4 months
Available to existing clients who previously signed up for a Complete Blog or Blogsite Package, this maintenance package gives you peace of mind that your blog is working smoothly. Need a customization? No problem. For a 4 month service period, customizations are included as long as you stick with the same theme and layout. Have a problem with a plugin not working? Also included, as well as any WordPress version upgrades. Exclusions: blogsite upgrades (i.e. custom gallery pages info template pages). If you are looking for complete theme re-build, see the next option….

Theme Re-builds $260
Also only available to existing Complete Blog and Blogsite package clients. Want a completely different look and layout? A brand spanking new theme re-build is what you want. Same support service period and unlimited customizations are included as the other blog packages, just less expensive for my devoted clients!

Horizontal Blogs $800 $600 for a limited time
This at-first strange layout has slowly gained popularity in the blog world. Never one to back down from a challenge, I came up with my own theme, which can be customized with your logo and branding. Note: there are some limitations because of the nature of horizontal layouts. It’s been tested on multiple browsers, but not all mobile devices (not compatible with the Facebook mobile browser).
For a demo of the horizontal theme, view the Blogs for Photogs Horizontal Theme. Contact me if you are interested and want to find out more information.

Become an Affiliate and earn free customizations!
Are you a photographer or photography service provider? Do you have a banner link section or page and interested in bartering for advertising? Contact me if you’d like to become an affiliate and earn free customizations for your blog or blogsite.


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