WordPress 3.0 version released

Last Updated on Thursday, 17 June 2010 12:58 Written by Theresa Thursday, 17 June 2010 12:58

A quick post to let you guys know that WordPress 3.0 was just released today.  I went ahead and upgraded this site and am in the process of testing it out.  If you’re a subscriber or a past client, you probably received some bogus subscription emails.  I was testing out the new menu creation feature and for some reason 3.0 thought it was a new post and sent out the email update.  Weird! According to this page, it’s considered a post type, but I have no idea why.  So just be aware that if you have a subscription plugin and want to play around with the new menu feature, an email will be sent out to your subscribers.  I’m going to email the developers of the Subscribe2 plugin to see what they can do about turning that off.

REMINDER: If you want to upgrade to 3.0, be sure to backup your database first.  Many of you might already have the WordPress Database Backup installed, so just go ahead and run it before clicking on the upgrade button.  You may want to wait until you hear back from me on my thoughts of the upgrade.

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Featured Blogsite: Big Shots by Marla – Senior Site

Last Updated on Wednesday, 16 June 2010 11:28 Written by Theresa Wednesday, 16 June 2010 11:24

Let’s talk about blogsites!  I’ve been on a roll with them lately, and have really stretched my skills in making the most of WordPress to build blogsites that are all-inclusive, interactive experiences.  It’s amazing what you can do!  Here’s an example of a blogsite that pushes the limit and power of WordPress.

Marla  and I worked together to create a multi-template blogsite that contains 1) a regular blog (not yet live),  2) a senior information site (now live), 3) a general client information site (not yet live), as well as portfolio galleries featured in both the blogsite and senior information site.  All this with one WordPress login! All of the URL’s are root based and SEO friendly (i.e. …/senior-info instead of /blog/senior-info), making for a more organized, streamlined, and neatly presented blogsite.

Take a look around her senior information site (the other sections aren’t live yet), and you’ll get a feel for how her branding elements have been infused into every nook and cranny of the site.  I’ve recently switched from using flash fonts (i.e. sifr) to cufon fonts (image-based) and found that the custom cufon fonts load a lot faster than the flash ones.   Cufon fonts are great for replacing regular web-based fonts for menu titles and post titles (body font replacement not recommended).

Marla is also incorporating video into her site, so you can check out what she’s done and get a feel for how it can look on your own blogsite.  She also wanted to include client forms and agreements into her site, and I was able to set it up for her so she could create them within WordPress and create the pages herself.  Be aware that some of the pages are password protected, but you can view the senior information form to see an example.

I hope you feel a bit more inspired to come up with ideas for your own blogsite!

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Explore Photography Workshop promotion and discount

Last Updated on Wednesday, 16 June 2010 09:45 Written by Theresa Wednesday, 16 June 2010 09:45

Sorry for the delay in updating. The transition into summer has been a little rough, but things are going smoothly now. I wanted to post about this upcoming event that we are sponsoring. ExplorePhotoWorkshops.com is holding a photography workshop in August and we are providing promotional cards that will be handed out to all workshop attendees. If you haven’t purchased your attendance yet, you can use the promo card “blogs4photogs” to receive $100 off the price! Here are the details:

Explore Photography Workshops
August 13th and 14th in Dallas, TX.
Come to learn from from our outstanding speakers
Raye Law, Michelle Huesgen, and Allison Cottrill
Visit our website at
for more information and to register. Use the coupon code “blogs4photogs” to get a $100 off.

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